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HiHo Cheeseburger

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Burger spots have always been a dime a dozen. But now there’s one on every corner claiming to be the “biggest” or “healthiest” burger in the city. So, how do you differentiate one brawny burger from the one next door?

Taste, baby. It’s all about the taste.

And HiHo Cheeseburger is just bursting with taste. And it’s the taste of solace that I detect most.

Imagine a day where maybe you’re feeling slightly defeated. You know the type of day…Your kids are driving you nuts! I mean really nuts this time! And you’re ABOUT TO LOSE IT!!! Or maybe even more so, you’re feeling slightly hungover? Yah, you and the hubs did a number on that bottle of wine last night. But it worked, and now you’re relaxed…almost.

Now is the time to go to HiHo, kids in toe. The HiHo burger is just the slightest bit greasy, but in a good clean griddled, greasy kind of way. And it is very well dressed. Rest assured that the HiHo Cheeseburger is the only burger spot in LA that serves 100% grass fed Wagyu beef! So it’s a guilt-free pleasure, bite after bite.

The HiHo Burger has “all the right stuff in all the right places.’ It feels put together in a way that makes you wonder how all these ingredients could have ever lived separately from one another for any amount of time. Two thin patties with cheese in between, onion jam, crispy lettuce and house made pickles. One bite and the taste has rescued you from your despair. Ah…solace. Just like you pictured it.

And as if that wasn’t motivation enough, then let me tell you this: the ice cream shakes are handmade too (chocolate preferred!). The small batch milkshakes come from a farm to table creamery in Seattle and contain all natural ingredients.

While you sit at HiHo and play your 15th game of ‘spot it’, nothing can drive you nuts. Now, you’re as Zen as a cloud.

I don’t know what type of occasion drives you nuts, but I know exactly what will bring you back from the brink. There might be a million burger spots, sure. But HiHo Cheeseburger will have you thinking about just this ONE, for quite some time.


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    Santa Monica (*new location just opened in Mid Wilshire)

  • GO FOR

    A burger and a chocolate shake


    Domestic Imports


    Easily Forgiven


    Cayton Children’s Museum, 3rd Street Promenade


    Website: hiho.la/about/
    Phone: (310) 469-7250

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