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Mauro Café has it all going on. Get there for an early lunch and be highly entertained by the fashion crowd walking through the door, one after another. You might even peep a celebrity or two.

Yep, this is definitely a place where the cool cats flock. And what can I say? They have great taste! There is something on the menu for everyone at Mauro Café. From salads and sandwiches, to soups and pastas. You can please the pickiest eaters here, and any choice will be the right one.

If you’re nice enough, the chef might even give you the recipe for Mauro’s flawless Bolognese. It’s perfectly sweet and meaty…just like my Italian grandma used to make.

Mauro café feels like you are dining on a piazza in Milan, complete with cobblestone floors, stringed lights that hang on the low ceilings above, and the friendliest staff who you’ll eventually get to know. Yep. Mauro café is that kind of place.

Mauro café is connected to the iconic Fred Segal Store located in the heart of West Hollywood and is a perfect stop any time of day. Whether you’re coming in for lunch to grab a coffee and catch up with friends, or even to do a little shopping, Mauro Café at Fred Segal will be the much needed break you need.

On a side note: Mauro café is enclosed, HOWEVER (man, why does there have to be one of those…gulp) the door is kept open at all times and the café itself sits alongside a busy parking lot. If you have a runner, keep them strapped. If you’re tot puts up a fight, then grab a seat waaaay in the back and coax them by asking the server to keep the bread and butter coming.

I must warn you, it will only be a matter of time till the peepsqueaks realize the banquettes in the back also make a really fun trampoline. That’s ok though, a meal at Mauro Café will be worth it all.


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    West Hollywood

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    Hipsters, Well-Cultured, Multicultural


    Not promoted, but you should take the chance


    Restoration Park, Plummer Park, The Library Park


    Website: Click Here
    Phone: (323) 653-2874

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