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Dan Tana’s

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There’s a reason Dan Tana’s has been around for 50 years! If walls could talk, then this legendary restaurant would have quite the story to tell.

Everyone who’s anyone once graced this old school Italian joint. Red checkered tablecloths, round leather booths and memorabilia of all kinds that hang from floor to ceiling make Dan Tana’s the most charming place for a special celebration, or hang with your favorite peeps and peepsqueaks.

Open the doors of this little yellow house and you’re instantly greeted by the maître who STILL wears a tux! Now this is the good ol days of dining. And the waiters… well, they’re actually waiters (and not actors), and they know how to treat you just right.

You immediately feel as if a martini on the rocks and a seat at the bar is the move at Dan Tana’s. And it can very well may be. Dan Tana’s is just that kind of place. Either way, Dan Tana’s will tend to your every need.

Start your meal off with a Cesar salad. After all, there’s not too many places in this town where you can get a true Cesar with a bold anchovy kick. And work your way into a pasta… or some chicken. There are a ton of classics on the menu. I mean don’t get me wrong, this meal won’t knock your socks off, but it sure will make memories that will last forever.

The energy at Dan Tana’s is high, making it a great spot even with your screamer. The tables are tight, so if you have a runner, then you could be in for a bumpy ride.

So much eye candy here at Dan Tana’s. From casual to glamorous, the people keep pouring in. You may even catch your little one working a table or two. Be a part of history and head to Dan Tana’s. It’s some good old fashion fun.


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    Beverly Hills

  • GO FOR

    Cesar Salad, A family occasion


    Domestic Imports, Homies, Well-Cultured


    Not promoted, but you should take the chance


    West Hollywood Park, Cold Water Canyon Park


    Website: dantanasrestaurant.com
    Phone: (310) 275-9444

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