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Have you ever wondered why ALL the pizza in LA is served in New York slices? Yes, I wondered that too, until finally… FINALLY we discovered Barone’s. Barone’s is a spot that is both cheesy and square.

Barone’s is a charming old school Italian joint, with pre-tty good pizza.
Did I mention it is cut in squares? Yes! The sauce is plentiful and tangy, the crust is crisp, aaaaand you can even order it super duper thin, if counting carbs matters to you.

The sausage is homemade and wait, I did mention the rectangular shape of this Neopolitan pie? (Ok, so maybe the slices aren’t actually square. They are more like rectangular, but you catch the drift).

Though the rest of the menu at Barone’s will not by any means blow you away, they do carry your typical Italian staples. From minestrone soup, pasta, veal or chicken. Entrees on average will cost ya about $20, but also come with a choice of a fresh vegetable or pasta. And for $3 extra, a soup or salad. Entrees at Barone’s are big enough to share.

Barone’s is a large family style restaurant. So if you didn’t make a reservation on a Saturday night, there is still a good chance to snag a table here.

The best cheese at Barone’s however, is the live entertainment on Friday and Saturday evenings at no additional charge. Unfortunately, kiddos are not allowed on the dance floor, but if you request a table in back, they can certainly boogie all around.

Grab the family, get dressed up and head to Barone’s one night to discover its old school charm. Barone’s is perfect for runners, and loud enough for screamers. Even you will realize how hip it is to be square.


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    Phone: (818) 782-6004

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