Tacos Tu Madre

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If you’ve had one, you’ve had them all. At least that’s how I used to feel about tacos in LA. Nothing really stood apart from the rest until most recently.

Why Tacos Tu Madre? Because it’s a fun place to grab a bite. Tacos Tu Madre is filled with all kinds of colorful art, tiles, interesting floor patterns and communal seats. Plan on getting to know your neighbor that’s for sure.

Tacos Tu Madre puts a cool twist on the ordinary. Like they say on the menu, the tacos at Tacos Tu Madre are inauthentically unconventional. This pretty much equates to damn good.

What I like most about the menu at Tacos Tu Madre is the ample selection of seafood tacos. It took me several visits to flip off of the ahi tuna tostada though. It is THAT good. Shrimp, Chilean sea bass and Fried cod are also more seafood options you’ll find at Tacos Tu Madre.

If seafood isn’t your thing, then the slow cooked carnitas is the route you want to take. The toppings (house made orange zest glaze and citrus habenero) compliment the already tender and juicy meat. Your taste buds will remember this one.

And for those picky eaters, there are a few good options too. Yes, of course there are quesadillas and elotes on the menu, guac and chips… but a plain fried chicken taco may be the way to go. At any rate, runners and screamers are welcome to join in on the action here at Tacos Tu Madre. It’s a loud, bustling but friendly kind of place.

Oh, and if your tot is on their best behavior, then go right ahead and order a couple of red velvet churros. The crispy outside, flavorful inside is what will really have you coming back.


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    Multiple Locations (Los Feliz, Larchmont Village, West Wood)

  • GO FOR

    Ahi Tuna Tostada, Red Velvet Churro


    Domestic Imports, Homies


    Easily Forgiven, No Contained Area


    For all locations: Griffith Park, Bluebird, Hammer Museum


    Website: tacostumadre.com
    Phone: Los Feliz (323) 522-3651, Larchmont (323) 499-1143, Westwood (424) 832-7092

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