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When was the last time you walked away from a meal and remembered the exact flavor and texture of the dish? Hmmm…This could all change with a meal at Hippo. What is great about Hippo is that it’s a large place. The result of a large place, is a loud atmosphere, which is perfect if you have the kids in tote.

Hippo is a really casual spot, which makes it fun and easy to gather a group of your favorite peeps and peepsqueaks. The food at Hippo is phenomenal. The sweet corn cappellacci is out of this world. Even if your little ones haven’t quite developed their sophisticated palette, they might be nagging you at home to go back to Hippo for this pasta alone.

The (seasonal) wax beans have a fantastic bite to them. The Chile, vinaigrette and toasted almonds will have you experimenting in your own kitchen. Perhaps it’s the almond wood that Hippo uses, but anything coming off the grill seems to have been done just right.

Hippo has a back patio that’s even more casual than its interior. So if you think that dining outside would be better for the kiddos, bring a box of crayons and let them color the bottom of the tabletops.

And if your tot is still fussing, then get them a slice at Triple Beam and tell them that just this once, it’s ok to eat from the other side of the table. Whatever you do, just make it work and get a meal in at Hippo. You’ll be talking about it until next time…


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    Highland Park

  • GO FOR

    Sweet Corn Cappellacci


    Domestic Imports, Well-Cultured


    Not promoted, but you should take the chance


    York Park


    Website: hipporestaurant.com/menu
    Phone: (323) 545-3536

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