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Do you want to know Hollywood’s best kept secret? One word: Gwen! Yes.

Those of you who know Gwen are probably thinking that spending $190 on a filet mignon, or $220 on a bone-less ribeye is hardly being economical. You’re right! But all things quality comes with a price. And I’m here to tell you that if you want a 5 star dining experience with a price tag of less than $20, then read on!

As you know, the key to making any food fantastic is starting with quality ingredients and products. Gwen’s butcher shop epitomizes THIS! You will never find anything better than a restaurant who butchers their own meat in house.

Gwen also sources hormone free, ethically raised and slaughtered animals. Undoubtedly, any meat from GWEN will be the BEST there comes…And (drum roll please)…From 11:30—2pm, Monday through Friday, Gwen rolls out a lunch menu for everyone to enjoy!

Each sandwich will cost you anywhere from $10-$12 and comes with pickles and chips. You can order at the counter and take a seat in the gorgeous space, all while taking a closer look at what really makes a 5 star dining experience 5 star.

You will notice a full staff on hand. The butchers prepping the meats from evening service, the bartenders prepping the garnishes for evening service, and a full kitchen staff racing around the kitchen as if they were on an episode of top chef…

If this is your first time having lunch at Gwen, then I highly suggest ordering the dry aged beef meatball sandwich. The only problem with it is once you taste Gwen’s meatballs, nothing else will ever compare. This sandwich will literally melt in your mouth.

And The broccoli Rabe Pesto is the icing on the cake. The Grinder is also out of this world…but again, it’s Gwen’s, and not one sandwich will steer you (excuse the pun) in the in the right redirection. For now, lunch at Gwen remains calm, despite the hustle, to make the evening service flawless. Gwen is a really great place to catchup over a quiet bite and talk about all things great that the New Year has to come…

Whether to bring the kids to lunch is entirely up to you, because it really is entirely ok with Gwen. PS. Half price cocktails and $1.50 oysters are also available at Happy hour. Check Gwen’s website for all the detes.


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    Barnsdall Art Park, Yamashiro


    Phone: (323) 946-7500

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