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Sometimes having a reputation on the Sunset Strip is a good thing. Especially, when the person responsible for that reputation is the daughter of the famed Jewish Deli Langer’s, which incomparably IS the BEST Jewish Deli in LA!

Yasss!! Daughter’s Deli has arrived and is making their mark in a BIG way. Daughter’s Deli is an order at the counter kind of place and is open for breakfast and lunch. Ahhh yes. How nice it is to take a quiet walk on the sunset strip in the early morning hours for a Lox plate and a hot bowl of MO-TZO Ball Soup. Yuummm.

The Matzo is perfect. Not firm, not mushy. So delicately flavorful that it breaks apart in your mouth. There are also plenty of Pastrami delicacies on the menu at Daughters Deli. The Nana is very similar to the infamous #19 at Langer’s. Though nothing will ever compare to eating your sandwich in an old school environment like Langer’s in DTLA, props should be given to those in the family who try.

Since Daughter’s Deli uses the same rye bread as Langer’s, once that homemade Russian dressing seeps into the bread, and you hear the subtle crunch of the slaw… ahhhh the weight of the world will be taken off of your shoulders in just one bite.

If your peepsqueak is into grilled cheese sandy’s, then Daughter’s Deli will rock their world. I mean melted cheese on an ever so sweetened Challah bread? One bite of this sandwich will even get you rethinking your order for next time. For those of you with screamers, Daughter’s Deli is as casual as it gets.

The entire restaurant (other than a ledge inside) is situated outside, under a tent and next to a parking lot. Woooomp. But look on the bight side, if you have a screamer on hand, you have nothing to be concerned about here. Needless to say, your runner will have to stay strapped.

Parents, here’s a tip, definitely order a bagel for that little one to gnaw on, in hopes that one of two things will happen: Either your tots will pass right out with a full happy belly, or they’ll at least want to catch their favorite morning show strapped in their stroller, slowly nodding off to Mr. Rodgers Neighborhood (yawn)…Daughters Deli, welcome to the heart of LA!!


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    West Hollywood

  • GO FOR

    The best grilled cheese ever! A Pastrami anything.


    Well-Cultured, Domestic Imports


    Easily Forgiven, No contained Area


    Standard Hotel Lobby, Plummer Park


    Website: daughtersdeli.com/menu
    Phone: (310) 652-6552

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Easily forgiven:

Here, you can forget the fact that it’s your rambunctious child that’s screaming and STILL enjoy most of your meal.

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If your toddler is at the stage when an iPad or some other colorful distraction can be used for an un-interrupted 20 minutes, then go for it.

Uh-uh, NO WAY, don’t even think about it!:

I don’t care how cute your toddler is. Pop your head in… turn around… walk away. PERIOD.

No contained area:

A place you cannot leave your toddler alone, not even for a second.

Enclosed, but space is tight:

If YOU can’t fit between the tables then you know you couldn’t catch your toddler if they tried – this isn’t Norm’s.


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