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Santa Monica Farmers market really is the BEST farmers market in all of LA. It’s extremely popular amongst chefs, as they are allowed into the market an hour early and get first dibs on the produce. There is a cadence to Santa Monica Farmers Market, and I can tell you why.

In all my years of going, if you get there too late vendors would have sold out. Pudwills Farm will be cleared out of raspberries and blueberries. Harry’s Barry? … fuggetabout it. Strawberries? All gone.

Getting there within the first two hours of opening is a necessity for these hot commodities. Weiser Farms; best fingerlings ever. Get there late and the pickens will be slim. And Roan Mills Glenn Country Batard Bread which couldn’t be any more perfect for avocado toast, miiight also be cleared out and there ain’t NO way I’m taking a gamble on that. Though if the bread IS all gone? They miiiiight have some focaccia left and you can at least walk away with hopes of a raincheck.

You starting to catch my drift? To avoid all the disappointments that could potentially occur, just get there early and let the tots have breakfast with all the vendors.

It’s a blast. Oh yah, and bring a cooler bag. Since you are actually out of the house early, why not spend the day on the Westside? You don’t want to let that that fresh squeezed orange juice you just bought stop you.


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Santa Monica Farmers Market