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I feel like if you do not know how to cook, your pantry should be fully stocked with the best apps ever. I mean, you never know when you might be expecting a visitor. And when I say fully stocked, I mean with snacks other than smart puffs and squeezy packs you throw in your kid’s lunch. I mean with the good stuff… start first and foremost with cheese.

It doesn’t have to be a lot of cheese either, just really interesting and enjoyable varieties so that if you only have 5 minutes to yourself, you can enjoy something really special.

If ever you are on the west end of the city, then Andrew’s Cheese Shop is always happy to help you satisfy your craving… for time… and cheese.

Andrew’s is a small family owned place. And Andrew himself is always happy to help. With the best of the best from exclusive, small private farms on top of a hill in Piemonte, to a locally sourced goat, let Andrew’s Cheese Shop lead the way.

At least go in and grab a small piece and start building on your cheese rolodex. Yes, Andrew’s gives you an index card with each cheese you buy. This way, you can know the name, region and flavor.

Ladies and gents, the next time your kids are screaming from the top of their lungs and you’ve just HAD IT… thoughts of the fantastic piece of cheese waiting for you in fridge will become the 5 minute break you will need. Time out everybody!


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    Santa Monica, Manhattan Beach

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    Well-Cultured, Domestic Imports


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    Douglas Park, Fishing with Dynamite


    Phone: (310) 393-3308

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