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If there is something every Angeleo should put on their bucket list before Jan 2020, it is Sensorio: Field of Light. Sensorio is a multi-acre, illuminated art installation created by acclaimed artist Bruce Munro. This art installation is not one just for the eyes to view, but also for the heart to feel.

An experience of Sensorio almost feels like a dream. A whiff of euphoria if you will. I mean, you ARE standing in the middle of what once were vast fields… AND RUNNING freely toward the light.

As you enter, you can only see the reddish orange sunset in the backdrop, until you come up to the pond in the middle of this field. THIS is Sensorio. The vibe remains so serene; both calming and soothing. At some point you’ll realize you are surrounded by hundreds of people.

Sensorio is created using 58,000 lights. These lights are not at all ordinary. The tops of each light is shaped like a sphere, and bottoms like stems. When seen all bunched together after being planted in the around, these spheres and stems together may even appear like jellyfish, slowly moving and taking its own shape as you change perspective.

Each light in the Sensorio installation was created using fiber optics and is illuminated with color. These illuminated lights will immediately take you to a place of calm. You may even forget you came with the kids.

So what if a road trip to Pasa Robles is in order for this one. All the singalongs in the car with your screaming tot will be worth it once you arrive. The ride back home might even be pure zen.

Helpful Tips: A paved path was created all around Sensorio so you can easily bring a stroller. No outside food is allowed, not even water bottles so leave then in the car or you will have to leave it at security. Food and drink stands are all around as well. There is an area with live music and space for the tots to run around and have a bite before or after entering the exhibit.


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