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Warning: you WILL become addicted. And this addiction will serve a very healthy purpose…

At first when you walk into STAMP, you might think it’s a WeWork space. People and computers sprawled out on communal tables all about. Then you catch sight of food coming across the room from the kitchen and you think, ahhh I have found my place.

As you make your way to the register to order, you are suddenly confused by which direction to take your taste buds. Hmmm. EVERYTHING is delightful here. Ok, at least it looks like it would be. I keep getting stuck on the avocado salad with chickpea mash, so what the heck do I do know? (I kid I kid. gulp).

Ok, you MUST NOT leave here without trying the Bison chili! I mean it could be one of the best chili’s I’ve ever had. The flavor is balanced and not over ridden with ingredients that will leave your mouth tasting less than pleasurable. I mean it is goooood.

Stamp Proper is the perfect storm for the young’ins too. Though everyone is busy with work, the place blares groovey tunes and has enough hustle in it to ignore your little one running laps. Keep an eye on them though, because there are eye level goodies on those shelves.

If you have a tot under 10, the kid’s menu is superb. There’s a variety of healthy options to choose from at Stamp Proper and breakfast is served all day.

From buckwheat pancakes, to salads, chili to sandwiches, smoothies to goodies, Stamp Proper Foods will be in your books as a permanent go-to.


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    Los Feliz

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    Avocado Chick Pea Mash Salad


    Domestic Imports


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    Griffith Park


    Phone: 323.953.5181

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