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All time is the perfect neighborhood spot you wish you lived closer too. But if you didn’t live in the hood, it’s also a place worth making a trip for. All time has everything on the menu that you would desire for breakfast/brunch. And it’s always a scene. During the day, you’ll see people parked with their laptop on the small patio. And on weekend nights…the crowds as well as the laptops shutdown.

Daytime: Think avocado toast on a super thick piece of bub and grandmas bread. (Ok, maybe actually a little tooo thick for my taste, but that’s to be desired). If you are wondering what bub and grandma’s bread is, then get yourself to the Hollywood farmers market on Sunday and see if you can get your hands on a loaf. Chances are, they will be sold out (or you won’t be able to pry your peepsqueaks past the balloon making guy and you’d have blown your chance for an early spot in line).

At any rate, All Time uses all the best and freshest ingredients. They tweak out their menu depending on what is available and in season, so you’ll always be guaranteed something fresh and delicious. Items might include a grain free granola, a better breakfast sandwich and some good ass salads…yep, just like the menu reads, and I can totally see why. Prices don’t come at your typical coffee shop price.

What really separates All Time from the rest however, is NOT the approachable brunch fare, it’s the fact that they serve dinner from Thursday – Sunday too. Of course, a small place and great food does come with a hefty price tag. Dinner on average will cost (on the lower end) $60/pp, Gulp, not including drink.

And the perfect (and perfectly loud), super casual environment to bring kids in during the day, may not be most ideal at night. So, gather your favorite peeps and peepsqueaks and make a day out of a good hike and great brunch at All time.


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