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Joy is a casual Tawainese bistro inspired by Tawain’s street food culture. The vibe is super casual with a neighborhood feel and makes for a perfect spot for an afternoon out with your favorite peeps and peepsqueaks.

Get to Joy a few minutes before they open and you might even avoid waiting in a line that forms out the door around noon.

But lucky for you, if you have a screamer on hand, Joy does fill up quick and gets equally as noisy. No one will even notice that it was your tot who was responsible for the array of simple greens spread like an intentional art piece on the floor.

The menu at Joy is definitely related to its sister restaurant Pine and Crane, a hipster fav that sits in a quiet cul-de-sac of Silverlake, give or take a couple items. Among these are some must tries (I mean, you can only get them at Joy): The scallion sandwich, the honey lemon tea and the Dan Dan noodles. Do not share or you will regret it. The menu at Joy is short and sweet. The Favorite among the tots seems to be the plain rice noodle soup, and of course the mound of shaved ice with Boba!

Don’t worry if you don’t try everything in your first visit, Joy is the type of casual place you’ll want to come back to more than once a week when you feel like good food without a fuss.


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    Highland Park

  • GO FOR

    Scallion sandwich, Dan Dan, a tea


    Domestic Imports, Multicultural


    Easily Forgiven


    York Park, Donut Friend


    Phone: (323) 999-7642

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