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Faith & Flower epitomizes what a culinary experience in the 20’s may have felt like. Fancy, swanky, sneaky, sexy and intimate. Right about now, you might want to be phoning a babysitter. If such is not an option, then I assure you that lunch at Faith and Flower can work with the kids, and will be well worth your time.

Though fancy, the menu is understandable and ranges from pizza, to salads, sandwiches and pasta. Nothing is of the ordinary, of course. In fact, the margherita pizza is one of the best in town. Though the margherita reads whole milk mozzarella, it tasted like it was dusted with Regiano Parmigiano cheese which gave it a WOW in flavor.

The best way to describe the food at Faith & Flower is American with a European hand…meaning, every single dish is special and memorable. The trout is crisped to perfection, the salads are hearty but not saturated with heavy dressings, and only a sophisticated hand could make pasta taste THAT good.

Lunchtime at Faith & Flower packs out with everyone from corporate to creative. You might spy some notes being taken and sense that there is a big deal or two going down. Sorry p’s, but f you have a screamer on hand, then you might want to consider Faith & Flower for a date night. And runners…. Well, the space IS big, but the décor screams no go. Sorry.

Faith & Flower makes you want to put together a 20’s inspired get up and dance the night away. Consequently, Faith & Flower does have jazz. And did I mention it’s a fantastic place for a cocktail too? Cross your fingers, dot your I’s, and align that sitter. Yasss, Faith & Flower will bring the sizzle back into your relationship.


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    Unless you are going for lunch, then don’t even think about it.


    Bottega Louis, Clifton’s Cafeteria


    Phone: (213) 239-0642

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