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You have to be a fried taco lover to really appreciate Chuy’s Tacos Dorados for the gem it is. Chuy’s Tacos Dorados is a tiny hole in the wall recognizable by the white tile on its façade.

The menu consists of 3 types of tacos and a handful of burritos, that’s it and that’s all there needs to be. Chuy’s Tacos Dorados is where it’s at. On the menu are tacos papa (a potato taco), tacos with shredded beef, and either taco topped with refried beans and pork chorizo. Each taco is $3, so get all 3.

The shredded beef is super flavorful and remains moist even though the taco is fried. This is the KEY to eating fried tacos. You don’t want the inside to be as cooked as the out. The potato itself is hot, filling, fluffy and full of flavor as well.

You would think that the refried beans and pork chorizo would be the icing on the cake… until (drum roll please) UNTIL you try the onions. OMG! The onions have been pickled in lime and add the necessary texture and surprising flavor to all of these tacos. Trust me on this, you’ll want to ask for an extra cup.

Chuy’s sits right next to a loading dock in LA’s arts district, and consequently, the loading dock is where you’ll want to have a seat. Chuy’s welcomes all screamers too. I mean, hello? You’re sitting in a loading dock after all. This is what makes this culinary expedition unique and exciting.

And if you have a runner, don’t forget the sidewalk chalk and a treat. You’ll need to occupy them for the length it might take to eat minimally 3 tacos and a side of Chuy’s insanely delicious rice.

At lunch time you’ll see a lot of orange vests, and a lot of Caviar drivers pulling up to the window. One after the next. You might even wonder where they’re coming from and if there’s anything or anyone around this somewhat deserted street.

I assure you EVERYTHING is happening all around. The arts district keeps getting better and bolder. And Chuy’s is the best kept secret.


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  • GO FOR

    A Fried Taco and rice


    Homies, Domestic Imports


    Easily Forgiven, No enclosed space


    DTLA Park, The ROW


    Phone: (323) 686-6272

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