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Looking for an afternoon tea with a twist? Then let Tres by José Andrés entertain you with an array of creatively interesting and unique treats.

The menu here at Tres goes right along with the over-the-top décor of Philippe Starck and adds a great flare to the somewhat lull part of the day.

By no means will the tea service fill you up, in fact, you’ll probably leave asking as many questions as your tot, “What is this? What’s in this?” But that is all the fun!

I’m not kidding you, there was even a point I had to ask how to eat the berry juice in the plastic thing (for lack of a better description) until Capri handled that by biting it down the middle. Needless to say I never got to taste that one and neither did Capri.

From caviar steam buns, to beet macaroons with goat cheese and lox cones and plenty of sweet treats, it’s all delicious.

Tres is a fun place to bring the little because there is autonomy to move around the cozy nook where you will be seated. The unique design of Philippe Starck beautifully complements the culinary vision of José Andrés. The result? It’s like dining in a Ripley Believe It or Not museum. Everyone will be up and about curious as to what’s coming next.


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    Beverly Hills

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    Afternoon Tea


    Well-Cultured, Multicultural


    Not promoted, but you should take the chance


    Zimmer Museum, Restoration Hardware Park


    Website: Click Here
    Phone: (310) 246-5551

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