Avra, a fine dining restaurant, offers an elegant ambiance with white tablecloths and wine glasses.


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Avra has stepped into the 90210 scene with this upscale Greek Spot. Originating in NYC, Avra features traditional Greek cuisine with a focus on fresh seafood. Walking into Avra, you are immediately seduced by its elegance.

The open aired patio brings a lot of light into the incredibly large space. Avra is over 10,000 sq ft. The rounded booths, light wood finishing’s, and fresh lemons trees strategically placed however, adds a distinguished sophistication and intimacy to the space.

Way in back of Avra is a fresh fish “market” where you can get an up close and personal look at your order before it’s placed on the grill. Over 15 types of fish are sold whole and at Market Place, while several are filleted.

Now don’t expect the prices here at Avra to be equivalent to the local ma and pa Greek place’s you grew up on. I mean, this is Beverly Hills after all… and the product used here at Avra is at the top of the food chain (literally). It’s just the price you have to pay for quality.

Lunchtime is the best time to hit Avra. The $30 prix fixe cannot be beat! The prix fixe comes with a first course, second course, as well as dessert. The portions are a good size too. A couple of lunches at Avra will give you a good taste of the main menu. No question, it is superb.

However, the only thing that IS in question, is whether to bring the kids. If your child can sit still and take in the scene, then no problem. If your tot can get into watching a screen and is promised ice cream and a toy if they sit the whole time, no problem. The menu is easy to understand and they’ll find something they enjoy eating.

But if you have a runner or screamer on your hands, then lunch at Avra may have to be saved for a date day. Not only is the lunch scene totally packed, but on the table sits Lord knows how much worth of delicate glasses and table settings. And trust me, Avra is the type of place you’ll want to linger.

Ladies, it’s time to dig out that colorful, flowy dress you wore on your Honeymoon at that soft sanded beach, and relive your coastal dreams once again.


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