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A perfect and perfectly loud casual bistro setting, Republique is great for an early breakfast or lunch with the kids in tote. Repulique’s high ceiling and original tile work all around will make your dining experience feel very rich. The display of cured meats, trays of beautiful veggies and open kitchen all add to the allure of this culinary venture. Republique almost feels like you’ve stepped into a market in Spain.

Eat communally on the tables and you’ll see why Repulique has become a top-notch spot in LA. Worldly and engaging conversations to be had all around, great people watching, lines and lines out the door… Relpublique has a NYC hustle and a California ease. Rebulique is quite the scene.

The chocolate caramel cake and the Chocolate Chewy are must haves at Republique, but you seriously can’t go wrong with any pastry in the case. The rest of the menu is spot on too. The chef at Republique deems the cuisine French Fusion so I guess this is why you might find some dishes that are a little off the beaten path.

Dinner at Republique has become a drag since they no longer take walk-ins (no, not even at the bar). The serious foodie crowd wouldn’t want to deal with screamers or runners either. Booo. The space is tight, so if you have a runner sit waaaay in the back and hope for the best. If you need additional coaxing, let the little ones go to town on a pastry or two as they sit under the table and watch baby bum videos. (C’mon, I only had to do this twice and it worked).


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    West Hollywood

  • GO FOR

    Breakfast, Brunch; The chocolate caramel cake, Chocolate chewies, Tartines and Chia pudding


    Well-Cultured, Hipster Chic, Foodies


    Easily Forgiven


    Robert Burns Park aka Van Ness Park


    Phone: 310-362-6115

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Easily forgiven:

Here, you can forget the fact that it’s your rambunctious child that’s screaming and STILL enjoy most of your meal.

Not promoted, but you should take the chance:

If your toddler is at the stage when an iPad or some other colorful distraction can be used for an un-interrupted 20 minutes, then go for it.

Uh-uh, NO WAY, don’t even think about it!:

I don’t care how cute your toddler is. Pop your head in… turn around… walk away. PERIOD.

No contained area:

A place you cannot leave your toddler alone, not even for a second.

Enclosed, but space is tight:

If YOU can’t fit between the tables then you know you couldn’t catch your toddler if they tried – this isn’t Norm’s.


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