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Posh Paris, a Parisian themed playground, really is the poshest indoor play space in town. Posh Paris is particularly great for the 5 and under crowd, climbers, crawlers and those with a wondrous imagination for creative play.

Themed after the Arc De Triomphe, Posh Paris has tunnels to climb up, slides to go down, a mini spin around and best of all… a ball pit! This is where your over active toddler will burn the most energy!

Posh Paris has two imaginary sets: A chair salon complete with a mini couch plus accessories and a grocery store with plenty of stocked goods. Alongside all of this are café tables and chairs, perfect for a light bite and quick break. This is also a great area to keep a close eye on the kiddos while you catch up with your thoughts.

If your peepsqueaks are more into independent play, then Posh Paris has that covered as well. Expect to find plenty of your child’s favorite toys here: a train table kitchen set, dollhouse and accessories to create a tea party.

Posh Paris is a quaint little spot. It’s a perfect place to host a b-day party for your little prince or princess. There is plenty of space for banquet tables and chairs, both provided by Posh Paris.

Just a note that Posh Paris requires No slip socks, as the floors can be a bit slippery. A pair can easily be purchased at Posh Paris for $1.50.


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    Website: poshparis.us
    Phone: (626) 437-9575

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